Our main driver is enabling easy adoption of technology-driven Integrated and paperless care delivery while ensuring cost-effective and reliable technology solution for end to end transaction management right from procurement to dispensing of prescription to viewing PACS on a mobile phone without any installation. Since 2016, we have been working on automating healthcare services through the continued evolution of our HMIS solution HIS and have been able to keep our cost low with the use of cloud technologies needing absolutely ZERO capital investment in infrastructure like servers, etc.

Our SmartCare solution is scalable and can support from 20 beds up to 2000 bed setup with ease. Please find attached our service and SmartCare HIS overview.


Reduce the cost of operation with improved Efficiency (No capital investment need)
  • 100% compliant with NABH & Rohini standards
  • Automated QI Evidences
  • Trackable Checkpoints and easy to close NCs without NABH Quality Mgmt module.
  • Integrated Smart Marketing Tools with automated Quality Mgmt module
  • 100% cashless claim process with CGHS, ESIC & many more
  • Fast Discharge with an automated account settlement check
  • Point-in-time MIS info to make effective decisions
Improving Quality Care
  • Minimised error in investigations with integrated path lab APIs
  • One-click access to Medical Records improving care on adverse conditions
  • SMS on critical investigation findings resulting in faster response to treatment
  • Auto notification on prescription, nursing care & data analytics
  • Voice Recording of medical notes, no need to touch keyboard
  • Remote Monitoring with EMR and dedicated MIS dashboard with 40+ reports

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