Pharmacy is Integrated with Prescription requests and doctor's template into EMR with one click prescription request. We can also order and Dispense medicines/products, returns, Balance view, and Credit Sale. Smartcare support multi-location pharmacy and multiple central stores (CDS & CMS).

Key Features of Pharmacy
  • Online Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Sales
  • Nurse Return
  • Daily Reports
  • Inventory
  • Requisition
  • Indent
  • Temp Product
  • Discount Dashboard

Inventory Management

Integrated Inventory Management for

  • Central Drug Store
  • Central Material Store
  • For Purchase, Supplier, and Stock Management
  • Auto PO, One Touch Procurement & GRN with Historic Price
  • PO tracking and email to supplier
  • Email PO to the supplier, stock adjustment & GRN with Historic price
  • DM, Supplier Payment Management
  • Product Return and Inventory reports
  • Upload Data
  • Profit and Loss And many more

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