Key SmartCare Differentiators

Simplified Operations

  • SmartCare support multiple centres of same hospital business group with a single database solution.
  • With this solution, the management of multiple centres becomes simpler and provides superior management. Some examples of easy of management are,

SmartCare will enable you meet your Objectives with ease.

Faster Implement and Adoption

  • SmartCare faster to implement - Because of inbuilt master database for most of the day to day task
  • We believes that SmartCare is the easiest HMS software in market. Our design approach is to make the software very easy to use by relatively low skilled hospital staff - Because of seamless workflow form request to delivery of prescription or any other services

Streamlined Workflow with One Click Ease of Use

A scalable and modular solution that can support single practitioner to multi location hospital covering all function of a small to large hospitals.

SmartCare’s one click usage makes it easy-to-use:

  • Role base access, not cluttering UI giving simpler and easier interface to regular users
  • No usage of complex UIs like Tabs
  • Clear actions to all users at the end of every screen on what to do
  • Hide the complexity through master settings and role base access

Facility to open multiple screens

  • As SmartCare is implemented using browser based technology, it is very easy to open multiple screens at the same time.

The overall functional flow of activities from patient walk-in to deliver of various services by staff using one of the smartcare system components.

Savings with Open source Technology -LAMP Stack

SmartCare is built on top of Linux OS and using MariDB cloud database. Both of these do not require any software licences to be obtained. Also with Linux the need for anti-virus is also reduced as Linux machines are not prone to computer viruses.

Paperless Out Patient Services

Meet WHO JCI, NABH & NEHA Guidelines with ease:

Paperless In Patient Services

In Patient WorkFlow

  • All In Patient records is maintained in the digital format eliminating need for paper records.
  • SmartCare supports recording of following information
    • - Doctor notes and doctor’s instructions
      - Nurse notes
      - Progress Notes
      - OT Notes, Anaesthetists notes
      - Ward Activities. SmartCare supports recording of all ward activities based on doctor’s orders
      - Collection of vitals
      - Request for Prescription
      - Request for Investigation
      - Request for Nursing care
      - Request for Equipment addon
      - Return of Medicine and many more
  • Once clinical records are stored on the system, consultants can access them from anywhere

End to End Integrated IPD Billing Work Flow in SmartCare HIS (From Admission to Discharge)

Easier Maintenance and Faster updates

SmartCare is deployed and maintained remotely using Internet. It means our technical team need not visit your facility for Installation and upgrades (except for the first time to Install Linux and create remote Internet access on your server). So the costs of maintenance and upgrades are lower.

Our support can remotely check and guide hospital team on how to use software in case of any problem without the need to come to hospital site, using tools like Team Viewer.

Technology Stack for Development, Production, Users and Networks

Browser Based Web Architecture:
The uniqueness of SmartCare architecture is that it is built using web technology with all processing being done on server while user can access application using browser. Due to which there is no need for any Installation of software on users PCs. User can access system using Google Crome browser, either from Windows or Linux desktops.

SmartCare Technical Compatibility Details:
  • Latest technology stack
  • Multi-tier MVC architecture
  • Scalable and portable architecture
  • Secured transaction from users to server
  • Cloud hosted with 256 bit encryptions
  • Support any OS any Device

Security is paramount to SmartCares architecture. We have inbuilt multi level of security within system on top of 256 bit SSL encryption.
Level 1: Use ID and Password based login with access based single sign-on
Level 2: Global & Local access settings to customise system access from remote for selected users
Level 3: Server inbuilt Firewall rules using UFW

User Access Management
SmartCare is access using user name and password. User are assigned a specific role and given access the set of access group. The roles are dynamically defined by the Administrator of the hospital along with details of what modules can be accessed by person with that role. One can also determine certain special rights of the users (like whether they have right to re-open a closed bill or give discount). Development

Development and Delivery Method (CICD Pipeline)

We at PCS follow AGILE and DevOps based ways of working and it has enabled us to automated our delivery with increased pace at which we can releases our changes to our customer. All tickets, bugs and improvements requirements are assed for customer value, impact and severity and delivered out of 2 weeks for iteration cycle.

Access Management:

Smartcare support 400 different option to customise the solution to your specific need.

Advantages: Why SmartCare?

SmartCare is chosen over others that exist in the industry for years because it:

Reduce Cost of Operation with Improved Efficiency (No capital investment need)

  • 100% compliant with NABH & Rohini standards
  • Automated QI Evidences
  • Trackable Checkpoints and easy to close NCs with out NABH Quality Mgmt module
  • Integrated NABH Assessment Tools with automated Quality Indicators
  • Integrated Smart Marketing Tools to generate more business
  • 100% cashless claim process with CGHS, ESIC & many more
  • Fast Discharge with automated account settlement check
  • Point-in-time MIS info to make effective decisions

Improving Quality Care

  • Minimised error in investigations with integrated path-lab APIs
  • One click access to Medical Records improving care on adverse conditions
  • SMS on critical investigation findings resulting in faster response to treatment
  • Auto notification on prescription, nursing care & data analytics
  • Voice Recoding of medical notes, no need to touch keyboard
  • Remote Monitoring with EMR and dedicated MIS dashboard with 40+ reports